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Radon aerators

Radon aerators

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Back flow preventers

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Radon health hazards

InfoRadon aerators are an investment for you and your children’s future, in a fresh and healthy water free of radon.


Answers to frequently asked questions addressed to us since 1994

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Radonett radon aerator

Europes best selling radon aerator that removes radon in water.

Problem with radon in your water? Radonett is since 1994 the most efficient radon aerator in Europe. Radon in the water is removed by heavy aerating of the water and then ventilate away the Radon gas. The degre of radon removal is very high, at least 97%, often higher.

Radon aerators are an investment for you and your children’s future, in a fresh and healthy water free of radon.

The development of Radonett started in 1994. Radonett is today Europes best selling radon aerator with more than 120 miljoner operating hours. Radonett has shown the highest degree of purification every test it has been part of. Radonett manufactured in acid-proof stainless steel, powder coated.

RADONETT is supplied as a complete unit including an assembled pressure setting pump, with UV preparation of process aeration and a PLC for controlling the purification. RADONETT is delivered after having been individually test run at the factory, which ultimately results in a final low price. RADONETT is available in six different models ranging from a household model to machines able to serve larger water works.

Radonett removes

Radon, radon gas, radon daughters, methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxid, carbon acid, raises low pH value. Flocs iron, manganese by aeration. Purification of the process air is also accieved by the use of  UV-light. All this by just a singel machine Radonett.


RADONETT AIRGAP- Backflow preventer

RADONETT AIRGAP is a range of Back Flow Preventers in category 5 that secures drinking water against unwanted backflow of contaminated water. The technology in RADONETT AIRGAP is based on and tested by our best selling gas separating unit during more than 50 million operating hours since 1994 which secures a very high reliability, unit quality and its parts. Each Back Flow Preventer is  tested before it leaves our factory = easy installation. There is mainly no need for pressure vessels. Water in water out! Simple and reliable!

The smaller back flow preventers (60/5, 120/5 and 150/5) can also be fitted with frequency convertere for applications with continous dipensing of water.

RADONETT AIRGAP is the market leader in the Nordic countries when it comes to back flow preventers category 5.