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Radon aerator

The development of Radonett started in 1994. Radonett is today Europes best selling radon aerator with more than 120 miljoner operating hours. Radonett has shown the highest degree of purification every test it has been part of.  RADONETT removes radon, radon gas, radon daughters, methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxid, carbon acid, raises low pH value. Flocs iron, manganese by aeration. Purification of the process air is also accieved by the use of  UV-light. All this by just a singel machine Radonett.

RADONETT is a  quality product manufactured in powder coated acid proof stainless steel. RADONETT is delivered as a ready to use unit including ,  UV- processing of the air and a control board monitoring the purification. RADONETT is induvidually test run before leaving our factory which makes the unit easy to install and results in a low total price. RADONETT is available in six different models ranging from a one household model to machines able to serve larger water works.


Radonett B2 UV

Radonett B2 UV

Hydrophor (pressure tank) of at least 150 l is needed. For 3 houshold a hydrophor of at least 300 l should be used.

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