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Radonett A1 UV

For 1-3 housholdl. For up to approx. 3 000 Bq/l

Radonett purifies water from Radon in a environmental  and ecological friendly way by means of air and UV-light. No need for chemicals or filter media.

Guaranteed  purification 97-99.9%!

Continuos purification, zero processing time, no interruption for example for showering.

Product specifikation:

  • Max capacity: approx. 1 500 l/tim
  • Pressure out: approx. 4,5 bar
  • Weight (empty): 50 kg
  • Height: 1 050 mm
  • Width: 320 mm
  • Depth : 570 mm
  • Volume (water): 80 l
  • Sound level: approx 63 dB (only when water is axtracted)
  • Pump: 1 100 W
  • Water in: R20 inv
  • Water out: R20 inv
  • Radon gas out: 50 mm
  • Overflow protection: 40 mm
  • UV-light: 8 W
  • Air filter: yes
  • Pollen filter: yes
  • Power: 380 V/220 V
  • Installation: Frostfritt våtutrymme

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Radonett A1 UV radonavskiljare, radonfilter

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Radonett B2 UV

Radonett B2 UV

Hydrophor (pressure tank) of at least 150 l is needed. For 3 houshold a hydrophor of at least 300 l should be used.

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Radonett S2 HY

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