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AirGap Cabinet

AirGap Cabinet is a technical cabinet for sewage pumping stations without superstructure. The cabinet is  SS 3492 approved ”Vandal safe” and is available in powder coated Aisi 316 stainelss steel . The cabinet is insulated and contains: back flow preventer Airgap 60/5 category 5 type AB , hose with nozzle, hose reel, sink unit, instant water heater and a radiator.

AirGap Cabinet is delivered as a ready to operate unit tested in the factory before delivery.

The enclosed back flow preventer can be monitored for alarm such as: over flow, motor protection and dry running protection.


  • Cabinet SS 3492: Stainless steel Aisi 316 H 1300 mm, W 700 mm, D 500 mm
  • Coating: Powder coating
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • Back flow preventer: Airgap 60/5
  • Working pressure: 60 l/min at 5 Bar
  • Max pressure out: 6,2 Bar
  • Max flow out: 120 l/min
  • Water in: Solenoid valve Bürkert 5282 NC R20, 3/4″, hammer damped
  • Water out: Adjustment valve pre-mounted R25
  • Control box: Radonett
  • Alarm: Overflow and pump alarm
  • Dry running protection: yes
  • Pump (internal): 1,1 kw (3-phase)
  • Power: 3 x 400V
  • Rated current: 3,1 A
  • Hose: R25, 5 meter, sprying nozzle
  • Radiator: 200 W in stainless steel
  • Instant water heater: Klage
  • Sink unit: Corner modell stainless steel
  • Installation: On the floor in premises with floor drain and non-freezing environment.

Product leaflet

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Contact Radonett for more information and for installation manual

AirGap Cabinet återströmningsskydd, brutet vatten, SS-EN 1717

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AirGap 75/5

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